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( As on 26/11/2021 19:49)

ICICI Bank - Disclosure Under The SEBI (Listing Obligations And Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015

The Board of Directors of the Bank, at the meeting held on April 24, 2021, had approved fund raising through issuance of debt securities. Pursuant to the same, the Bank has allotted 35,950 senior unsecured redeemable long term bonds in the nature of debentures aggregating to INR 3,595.0 crore on private placement basis, date of allotment being November 26, 2021. The bonds are redeemable at the end of 7 years (redemption date being November 26, 2028). There are no special rights/ privileges attached to the bonds.

The bonds carry a coupon of 6.67% p.a. payable annually and were issued at par. The bonds would be listed in the relevant segment of the NSE.

The bonds are rated 'CARE AAA; Stable' by Credit Analysis & Research Limited and 'ICRAAAA; Stable' by ICRA Limited.