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Board Of Directors
Board Of Directors

Shri. N. Gopalaswamy B.E (DIN 00017659)


He is a renowned Industrial Engineer and Management Expert. With his rich experience, vast expertise and technical know-how he has provided his able guidance in the company´┐Żs strategic management. He serves on the board of various group companies of the Dalmia group. In recognition of his business and civic accomplishments, he has conferred with numerous awards and honors.


Shri. Sriram Vaidyanathan (DIN 02488974)


Sriram Vaidyanathan is an Engineer and a Masters graduate from Leeds university business school. He has gained consummate and fruitful experience in BPO and Financial Services industry across all areas like Marketing, Research and Operations. He heads the Strategy and Business Development as the Whole time Director. He also handles additional responsibilities for our online initiatives and Franchisee development.


Shri. V Krishnan (DIN 00087965)


He is the president of our company in charge of all our sales and marketing activities. He has been with the group since 1990 gaining fruitful experience across all our business units like merchant banking ,depository,secondary market and financial products distribution.He has played an instrumental role in making Integrated as one of the leading financial services company in the retail space.


Shri. S Natarajan (DIN 00155988)


He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, New Delhi since 1975. During the period of his active practice years, he has consistently represented many of the leading Indian Corporate houses. Some of the corporate houses he has represented and or associated with are: SPIC group, Udayar group, Binny group, Sterling group, Modi Industries group and Shriram Group. He has played a key role in restructuring the various businesses of Shriram Group of companies, which resulted in the group focusing on and augmenting its strengths in its core businesses relating to financial services and realty sectors.

Mr Natarajan is by nature an entrepreneur and has significantly contributed as much to the growth of existing businesses of the group as he has to the new ventures that the group periodically ventures into.

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